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Which exercises at the gym will make me lose fat?

Which exercises at the gym will make me lose fat? This is a question that many people especially women grapple with. Many seek the easy way out as promised by the many quick fix remedies available in the market.

Unfortunately, the results do not last for long and they are left looking for another remedy to help them. It has often been said that exercise is the best and sure way to lose weight the healthy way. The discipline and dedication required is what many lack thus getting accustomed to living with the excess weight. However, in the recent years, we have witnessed the emergence of different exercise equipment in the market. These have made workouts a lot easier than they were initially. It is now possible to buy steel kettlebells that are a new evolution in weight loss.

fat-burningThese are available in gyms, health clinics and fitness centers. In response to the question of which exercises at the gym will make me lose fat, these are exercises using weights and are very popular among both gender. These exercises for women are very effective in losing fat. These differ from the ordinary exercises in that incorporate the use of core muscles and at the same time help in developing the upper body strength. Fitness trainers will recommend that a person begins with small weights and adjust upwards or downwards depending on how one is comfortable with the weight. Each of these exercises would need to be completed at least twice and when one is tired. However, it is recommended for a person not to overdo it and experience soreness in the process. They could end up getting injured therefore when any pain is experienced, one should stop the exercise procedure immediately.

The woman should rest her muscles for at least a day before embarking on these exercise once again. If you have never lifted weights before, it is recommended that you check with your doctor if it is appropriate to begin the exercise procedure and the ideal weights to lift. There are a number of advantages that can be derived from having to buy steel kettlebells and incorporating them in your exercise routine.

losingThese include;-

  • Fat loss, a youthful appearance and toned muscles.
  • Increased strength, agility and endurance
  • A lower blood pressure
  • Reduced risk of heart disease
  • Increased bone density

Other factors to consider when carrying out these exercises include having a good body posture all through. This can be achieved by standing up straight and having the stomach tucked in. It’s important to use good body posture. Stand up straight with shoulders back and stomach tucked in. there are different types of kettlebell exercises for women. These include;-

  • The Arm curl – with a one in each of the hands, begin with the arms straight our and the palms out. Curl your arms slowly to the shoulder height and do a knee bend. This should be repeated at least fifteen time.
  • The shoulder press – with a one in each hand start out with the arms at the shoulder level and the palms facing out. Push out slowly so that the weights are straight ahead while rising on your toes and reaching up. It should also be repeated fifteen times.
  • Triceps press- this exercise tightens the flappy parts of the upper arm. Taking both weights in both arms put them together and raise your arms above your head with the arms still together. Lower the weights behind your head and for better results you can stand on one leg. Repeat for at least ten times with each leg.
  • The U lift- hold the weights together at the chest level and move them horizontally apart. Curve up vertically to just above the shoulders making a U shape in front of you. Better results are realized with a deep knee bend and it needs to be repeated at least ten to fifteen times.
  • The Ski swing- hold the weights at the waist level with the palms facing one another. swing slowly back behind you pressing the shoulder blades together, the knees should be bent when the weights are in front and straighten up when they are behind you. It should also be repeated fifteen times.

When done correctly, these exercises for women will help you lose fat and stay healthy. That is why any woman asking which exercises at the gym will make me lose fat, need to buying steel kettlebells and incorporating them in their exercise program.