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Will eating healthy get me slim?

Getting rid of excess fats in your body is an important practice than just vanity. Excess fats in the abdomen forms the basis of contracting heart diseases, cancers and even resistance by insulin hormone. Achieving a proper nutrition plan is a great answer to this question “will eating healthy get me slim?” in day to day life activities, we concentrate more on eating food for dinner, breakfast or lunch without keeping in mind the nutritional importance that such foods impacts on our bodies.

healAs you get older in life, your body metabolic rates changes and the amount of calories in your body needs to function perfectly. On the other hand, women has to prevent gaining excess weight at menopause since it may cause protruding bellies. In men, the level of testosterone hormone produced in testicles begins to drop down.

How healthy eating helps to lose weight?

Consumption of excess grains, bread, chips or any other form of starch will increase the rate of inflammation in our bodies. Excess sugars speeds up inflammation rates in the body. Studies have proofed that belly fat are associsted with inflammatory substance that are caused excess consumption of sugars and starch substance. However, eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables will help to reduce the amount of fats in your belly.

It is a fact that our bodies do not react to all types of fats equally. Saturated fats are known to increase visceral fat while monounsaturated fats found in fruits are major form of polysaccharides that helps to regulate the body metabolism if taken in right proportions. However, users should always acknowledge the fact that eating excess fats will increase the amount of calories in your body. High level of calories may cause obesity that forms the basis of heart diseases, cancer and insulin failure. Fats are also known to produce energy that is required by the body to carry out its metabolic process. Food with adequate level of fats such as olive oil, sunflower seeds, avocado etc. are highly recommended for achieving good health.

To achieve good healthy life, people who do not carry out daily physical practices have no reason whatsoever to avoid eating cassavas, potatoes and root tubers. Potatoes and tubers helps to increase the body metabolism. It does not contain fats that may increase the level of calories in your body. If you have problems relating to metabolic issues, then you should consider avoiding high-carb foods.