With the arrival of summer, the heat in our homes stagnates and eventually turns into hell. Although it’s tempting and very cozy, you’ll see some tips on how to save on air conditioning, because we all know that it’s not the cheapest way to keep the house fresh. So it is best to keep the house in order, to lessen the hotness from the outside. On hot days, when you are irritated by the difficulties that increase the heat in summer, you can stop this feeling by merely following the advice you receive to help you with your bills at the end of the month.

Ventilate at Sunrise and Dusk

Windows should be left open or closed all day, but twilight and dawn is the best time to open doors and windows in the house. If there is a draught, you will find your home in order, even if only for a brief moment.

Turn on Hood

Turn on the kitchen hood if you are cooking and extractor in the bathroom while taking a shower. This way, you will probably discover the atmosphere.


Also, use the back garden for barbecues and never turn on the oven at home. It would be even better to choose for non-cooks dishes or salads.

Switch to LEDs

Light bulbs use 90% of their energy for the heat they emit. Removing them and replacing them with LEDs or low electricity is a great trick to reduce heat sources in the home and office.

Dress up Your Home This Summer

If you also change your wardrobe in the summer, why don’t you do it with the house? Change the sheets of your current carpets and avoid velvet. Use color or transparent with printed flowers, which gives effect to the feeling of lightness and warmth.  All appliances, the television, are sources of heat that we should avoid as much as possible, and turn them off when not in use.

Place Vine Plants on House’s Facade

climbing plantsClimbing plants or vines are practical option that shields the house from the heat and light entering through the windows. The temperature will decrease and probably cool down in the house. You will have cooler rooms and a comfortable atmosphere available. You can also buy a cooling fan for your room.

Water to Refresh

If you have a terrace, balcony, patio, porch, or courtyard, water the floor in the evening to cool it, the heat will build upon the floor and lighten it a bit. The floor inside of the house is essential to wash it with cold water so that it becomes a little more drenched than the usual ground.…

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